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D.O.Ca Rioja

Who we are

Our family has been attached to viticulture for centuries. Javier is the fifth generation of winegrowers in the area of Laguardia, the heart of the Rioja Alavesa subzone. Our ancestors from Laguardia and nearby villages have lived surrounded by wineries and vineyards for generations. Their love and passion for their land and their wine have been passed down to us to the present day. We elaborate our wines facing the slopes of the Sierra de Cantabria, where our winery was built in 2016.

What we do

The wines are based on three main ranges; on the one hand, Cueva de Lobos, which is modern, aromatic and fun, made with the youngest vineyards of the family; on the other hand, Viuda Negra, which aims to recover old plots to extract the highest quality from each one; and we can’t forget our Anahi range, from white to semi-sweet rosé, born and made in honor of Javier´s mother. A year ago we embarked on the production of a Vermouth and a Gin to complete our range of wines.
Our wines have to tell a story, to be unique, authentic and innovative. They have to transmit the expression and authenticity of our land, being produced and aged with the utmost respect but with a dynamic and contemporary vision.

Cueva de Lobos

Cueva de Lobos
Maceración Carbónica

Cueva de Lobos

Cueva de Lobos

Cueva de Lobos

Tinto Garnacha

Viuda Negra
Vendimia Tardía

Anahi Blanco

Anahi Rosado

Todo el Rato



D.O.Ca Rioja

It is located in the north of Spain, on both sides of the Ebro River. It is divided into three main areas: Rioja Alta, Alavesa and Oriental. With its more than 65,000 hectares, its villages and vineyards develop their own personality, making the Rioja a unique land.
In Rioja Alavesa, the influence of the Atlantic climate and the clay-limestone soils located on terraces and small plots predominate.
The seven traditional varieties authorized by the Control Board of the D.O.Ca. Rioja include four red – Tempranillo, red Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano – and three white – Viura, Malvasía and white Garnacha.
The preferred varieties are Tempranillo in red and Viura in white.

About Javier San Pedro Ortega

“Those who do not fight will not deserve what they obtain. Those who do not know what they are looking for will not know what they find. Sometimes North is not where the compass points. Think less, feel more!”

— Sara Martínez Lagos



If you are interested in our project and our wines, contact us.

Sara Martínez Lagos

León Florez

Avenida de La Rioja, 19
Laguardia, 01300. Álava


T. 945 600 670

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