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Who we are

In Navarra we are making our dreams come true, with wines based on the Garnacha variety that include red, white and rosé wines. We are producing these wines in the oldest winery in San Martin de Unx, the winery with the best old Garnacha grapes in Navarra. We currently own 1.5 hectares in one of the most impressive vineyard areas in the San Martin de Unx area, “el barranco de Bescos”.
Many of these vines are planted on slopes at about 650 meters altitude, which are very characteristic of this mountainous area.
The name we chose for our wines is LATIDO DE SARA and it is in honor of Sara’s father, who passed away a few years ago due to heart problems…
«This heartbeat is the fruit of our dreams, illusions and emotions, and it is now part of our own life and experiences; It is also in honor of You; This is our heartbeat, always moving in harmony».

What we do

Latido de Sara is a vindication of the Garnacha variety grown in the “low mountain” subzone of the Navarra DO. This area is marked by a pronounced orography, with abundant low forest vegetation, where the vineyard reigns in the few cultivable areas with small plots which in many cases are isolated and with poor calcareous clay soils.

We elaborate wines that show the singularity of our area. They are fresh, deep wines with multiple nuances that are marked at their base by the aromatic plants and vegetation that surround us. We also try to make them competitively priced in order to reach the majority of the target public.


Latido de Sara
Viura Chardonnay

Latido de Sara
Garnacha blanca

Latido de Sara
Garnacha tinta

Latido de Sara

El Camino
Garnacha viñas viejas


D.O. Navarra

One of the main characteristics that defines the D.O. Navarra is the great diversity of landscapes and climates in the more than 100 kilometers that separate the north of the area, which is located in the south, in the vicinity of Pamplona, on the banks of the Ebro River.
In Navarra there is an exceptional situation, which is practically unique in the Iberian Peninsula: the confluence of the Atlantic, continental and Mediterranean climates. The proximity of the Bay of Biscay, the influence of the Pyrenees and the prosperity of the Ebro Valley allow for this varied climate.
This circumstance deeply marks the landscape of Navarra, where the more than 10,200 hectares of the Appellation of Origin are located in all types of ecosystems and cultivation situations: slopes, riverbanks, plateaus, plains. These define the 5 different production areas of Baja Montaña, Valdizarbe, Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja.

About Latido Wines

“The dream of Garnacha in Navarra”

— Sara Martínez Lagos



If you are interested in our project and our wines, contact us.

Sara Martínez Lagos

León Florez

Avenida de La Rioja, 19
Laguardia, 01300. Álava


T. 945 600 670

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