La Furgoneta
(que miraba al Órbigo)

Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León

Who we are

This is the personal project of Sara Martínez and León Flórez, to recover centenary Mencia vineyards in the area of Ribera del Río Órbigo, in the province of León. We return to our origins to make another dream of ours come true. We invested more than six years to recover each of these plots that were abandoned for a long time and that we have been acquiring little by little. We have co-planted vineyards with a majority of Mencia but also with white varieties such as Palomino or Doña Blanca and other red varieties such as Garnacha Tintorera or Prieto Picudo. In this way we elaborate our wines with the same percentage of the different varieties that each vineyard gives us.

What we do

We make unique, fresh and elegant village wines. The vineyards are located on slopes near the Órbigo River between altitudes of 820 and 900 meters above sea level. The soils are extremely poor, a sandy-clay with lots of boulders on the surface. The climate is very dry from spring to autumn, very extreme and with great thermal shocks that give the wines acidity and depth. The vineyards are all centenary – they were planted between 1915 and 1945 – and result in very low yields.
Our viticulture is environmentally friendly and we do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We also work with some fundamentals of biodynamic agriculture.


La Furgoneta

La Furgoneta


Wine from Castilla y León

Since Roman times, the southern area of León was the wine supplier for practically the entire northern area of the Iberian Peninsula. Many monasteries made the resurgence of viticulture in the area possible through the acquisition of land dedicated to the cultivation of vines. In the Middle Ages, grapes became a traditional crop in the region, progressing until 1887, the year in which phylloxera made its appearance in the León vineyards.
Its production area amounts to 3,317 km2 and its climate is marked by a strong continentality that is accentuated by the high altitude. During the winter, fog and frost are frequent; in summer, the days can be torrid and extremely arid; the temperature contrasts between day and night are very important and favor the concentration of aromas in the grapes.
The Mencia, Prieto Picudo or Palomino grapes, also called Jerez in the area, especially benefit from these conditions, providing very aromatic and fresh wines of excellence.

Sobre La Furgoneta

“A chimera of wines, a dream of history. Recovering what once were excellent vineyards and can be again.”

— León Flores



If you are interested in our project and our wines, contact us.

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