What we do

We offer unique terroir driven wines to the export markets based on their origin and its expression. Small and medimum-sized projects that always have people or families, a native land and an origin behind… in essence, a deep-rooted heritage.

1. Sales Management

Business management allows us to establish and develop commercial relationships between wineries and potential customers. In this way we are able to identify their needs and tastes, understanding the importance for the winery. Thus, we can offer a very personalized service to each of our contacts and each of our wineries.

2. Market expansion

We develop the growth of the economic activity for each winery through the expansion of their product selection or the services that each of them offer as well as their diversification into new markets. Currently, our wines can be found in more than 30 countries.

3. Marketing and corporate image

We generate affinity with the brand and promote the identification of products and services. We enhance the value of the brand; We strengthen the brand in the customer´s affections; We help create alliances and provide credibility to our clients.

4. Mission, vision and value

This section refers to the organizational culture as it is intertwined with the work dynamics that rely on common principles and objectives. To this matter we undertake the mission of developing the “what” and “for whom” of a company and the vision statement which refers to the “why” and “how”. As our company grows, our goals and objectives may change, so it is possible to adjust and improve them along the way. A company’s values, that is to say the winery´s values, are the pillars of the organizational identity in that they guide decision-making and allow us to give full meaning to our day-to-day actions.


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