Latido Bidaia

Getariako Txakolina

Who we are

Latido Bidaia is the joint wine project and collaboration between the Urruzola family (Garazi & Xabi) and Latido Wines (Sara & León). There is strength in union, and in the years since our paths crossed we have been giving shape, little by little, to this collaboration that was finally launched in 2021. Each of the parties brings the vision and experience that they gained during this time, joining our viticulture know-how and enology together with marketing & commercialization.
The project is located in the Alkiza Valley, in the foothills of Mount Ernio. The winery and vineyards are located only 8 kms. in a straight line from the Basque Coast of Getaria and the Atlantic Sea, the origin of the Appellation of Origin. Our vineyards are planted using the pergola system, which consists of a series of vertical posts that support a horizontal scaffolding (roof) and amphitheater type terraces to provide the most adequate sunshine to the grapes. We source 70% of our own grapes and complement production with grapes from producers in the Getaria area.

What we do

Bidaia is the Basque word meaning “journey”, a name that represents this new and exciting journey we are taking within our world and experience of wine called Latido.

In this case we are looking for the Atlantic influence and the full expression of the native grape varieties of Euskal Herria, Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza. We also work on the recovery of varieties that were already in the area, such as Izkiriot Haundi (Gross Manseng) and Hondarribi Zuri Zerratie (Petit Corbou), that provide distinction and differentiation with respect to other producers in the area.
We produce fresh wines with low alcohol, good acidity and a natural carbonic point that makes them irresistible for young people.


Txakoli blanco

Txakoli rosado


D.O. Getariako Txakolina

Since 1990 this appellation has regulated the production of Txakolí wine from the Getaria wine-growing area. The Basque municipalities of Guetaria, Zarauz and Aya originally belonged to this appellation, but in 2007 the production area was extended to all municipalities in the province of Guipúzcoa.
Made in an artisanal way until two decades ago, it is the wine that is “made in the farmhouse”.
There is hardly any production of red or rosé wine. The white, with its characteristic pale yellow to straw color, with greenish tones, has a fresh and slightly acidic taste in the mouth.
The production area is close to the coast, on the southeastern slopes, protected from sea winds and with greater sunshine. It is grown on steep slopes where the vines are either guided with wires or “float” on earthen pillars. The base of the soil is clay with a layer of sandstone on top. The altitude ranges from near sea level to 100 meters. Rainfall averages 1600 mm per year and temperatures range from a minimum of 2 °C in winter to a maximum of 35 °C in summer.

About Bidaia Txakolina

“Exciting wines, maximum expression of the native grapes of the Basque Country, simple and with maritime memories.”

— León Flores



If you are interested in our project and our wines, contact us.

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