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D.O. Ribera del Duero

Who we are

Marta Maté was born with the aim of doing something extraordinary in a privileged region like Ribera del Duero. We embarked on the search for something unique, when in 2013 the Bodegas Marta Maté project took definitive shape and we acquired a small winery in Tubilla del Lago in the province of Burgos, a little known place in Ribera del Duero, located at the northern end of the D.O. at an altitude of over 900 m. In the following years and up to now we have developed the work of recovering the soils of the centenary vineyards, and transitioning from conventional to organic viticulture management, which puts more than 40 “majuelos” in value. In our range we produce 6 red wines and one rosé and we have expanded and adapted the facilities to the new production needs and our image

What we do

We are committed to biodiversity, minimal ecological intervention and field work so that at least 99% of our grapes pass the selection table in each harvest, thus guaranteeing an ideal result in each of our bottles. The knowledge about our vineyard is the best tool for the correct decision making in the vineyard. A small difference can make a big difference in vineyards and wines. For this, we have a multitude of tools and lines of innovation.

Each bottle of Marta Maté tells a story through an unknown flavor, which is always capable of surprising the consumer.


El Holgazán

Marta Maté

Marta Maté

Marta Maté

Vino de guarda


D.O. Ribera del Duero

At an altitude between 720 and 1,100 meters, nature and the passage of time have generated a soil of exceptional characteristics (formed by layers of arcilite sands, with alternating layers of limestone and calcareous concretions), on which the vines take root, designed to offer the best fruit.

Nearly 8,000 winegrowers and more than 300 winemakers work 24,014 hectares, divided into 62,402 plots. Yields are low and enormously pampered.
They do intense pruning and thinning work for a low yield of the vineyard, for the sake of a grape of excellent quality. Because less is more. Thus, in the last ten years, they have produced an average of 4,380 kilos per hectare, well below the 7,000 kilos allowed by the regulations.
Twenty-three percent of the vineyards are over 50 years old. Ten percent are over 80 years old. 80% of the grapes are harvested by hand. These are ideal figures to obtain a high quality wine.

The Tempranillo grape, also known as Tinta del País or Tinto Fino, is the main variety, which gives the characteristic color, aroma and body to the wines of Ribera del Duero. To a lesser extent, other varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Garnacha Tinta are also grown. The main authorized white grape variety is Albillo Mayor.

About Marta Maté

“Wines from a complex land and a severe climate, with vines conceived to offer the best fruit. Exceptional and robust.”

— Ilze Zigele



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