Lagar de Costa

A.O. Rías Baixas (Salnés)

Who we are

Lagar de Costa is a family winery, where the effort and dedication of three generations that are linked to the care of the Albariño vines and winemaking converge. Its construction dates back more than a century and has undergone several renovations, always trying to maintain its original stone and wood structure.

Our family has direct control of all of the processes, both in the vineyard when selecting the grapes and in the winery while incorporating the most modern technology for winemaking. The result is a combination of the traditional and the modern, in order to obtain a wine with its own characteristics.

What we do

90% of the grape production comes from their own vineyards, some of them being more than 50 years old, which can be found in the parish of Castrelo, located in the Umia-O Grove Intertidal Complex (Red Natura 2000), in front of the island of A Toxa.

The vineyards are in lowlands very close to the sea with altitudes that range from 0 to 30 meters. The terroir has a sandy-loam texture and is therefore a loose soil with good water penetration capacity and easy drainage. The vineyard is trained in a system that is perfectly adapted to the area due to the high humidity, mild temperatures and high rainfall, which are well distributed throughout the year. The planting frame is 4×4 (about 1,200 vines per hectare).


Lagar de Costa

Lagar de Costa
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Lagar de Costa


D.O. Rías Baixas

he Rías Baixas Appellation of Origin (D.O) is a small wine-growing area located in the northwest of Spain, in the region of Galicia. Although the Rías Baixas has a deep winemaking tradition, which has been inherited generation after generation, it wasn’t until the year 1988 that the wine sector acquired fundamental weight in the development of the economy of this territory. One of the determining factors was the bet on the autochthonous varieties, specifically Albariño, which is resistant to the adverse climatology that is typical of this territory and confers a genuine quality and origin to wines with a marked Atlantic character.

Conditioned by the smallholdings typical of Galicia, a traditional viticulture was chosen. Characterized by the vine training, this unique conduction system conditions that the pruning and harvesting tasks have to be done by hand.

The Rías Baixas Appellation of Origin (D.O) is located mainly in the province of Pontevedra and within a small part of the province of A Coruña.

About Lagar de Costa

“Passion and dedication through three generations fully committed to the care of Albariño grapes. Atlantic wines!”

— Ilze Zigele



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