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D. O. Bierzo

Who we are

Vinos Valtuille is a small family winery and Marcos García Alba, one of the last generation of producers and winemakers in El Bierzo. Marcos took on the challenge in early 2000 to produce high quality wines, making a large investment in facilities and technical resources to move forward with his family dream. Meticulously self-taught, he takes care of the vineyard as it has always been done in Valtuille de Abajo, where he has 15 hectares with centenary vineyards. The youngest sister Elena, who is in charge of the General Management and the sales department, joined the winery in 2014. Since then, both siblings have worked in perfect tandem so that the project continues to grow and improve year by year.

What we do

They decided to maintain the best part of their elders’ work, the raw material and the vineyards, and made an effort to show it to everyone else. They have invested in quality rather than quantity. All this work has become Pago de Valdoneje, named after one of their grandfather’s centenary vineyards. Their wine has already made some important achievements which have motivated them to continue making concentrated and aromatic wines with a total Bierzo touch.

They only produce wines from their own grapes and defend the idea of a small winery as a means to produce quality.


Pago Valdoneje

La Tellería

El Valao

Pago de Valdoneje
Viñas Viejas

El Rapolao



Appellation of origin D.O BIERZO

El Bierzo is a natural region of Spain, located in the northwest of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is a set of small valleys in the mountainous area and the wide and flat depression of the lower Bierzo, which shape the different types of cultivation.

The Bierzo has a very special microclimate that is mild, benign, rather temperate and regulated by a certain humidity, all of which is undoubtedly due to its location in a valley. It is similar to the Galician climate as far as humidity is concerned, while on the other hand it is as dry as in Castile, which makes it very characteristic and results in maintaining a water balance. Its low altitude adds another advantage by generally preventing late frosts, which is quite benign for the grape harvest that normally takes place one month earlier than in the rest of Castile.

About Valtuille Wines

“Extraordinary wines with great potential provided by the Mencía variety. Powerful and tasty reds that offer great aging capacity.”

— León Florez



If you are interested in our project and our wines, contact us.

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León Florez

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