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Who we are

The wines of Francesc Sanchez-Bas have set a new standard of excellence in Priorat winemaking in the most artisanal way.
Francesc Sanchez-Bas is an agronomist engineer who certified organic viticultural practices for the Spanish government. In addition, he has given over 10 years of courses since 1990 in hundreds of villages in Catalonia and throughout Spain on Organic Agriculture, organized through many different entities.
For many years, Francesc supplied old grapes to wineries in the area. In 1996, however, he decided to venture out on his own, building a small winery in the basement of his house in the village of La Vilella Alta. There he produces his own wines, which are rich, elegant and distinct. These wines have set a new benchmark for excellence in Priorat winemaking.

What we do

Our ecological awareness has been one of our main driving forces since the beginning of our project. The natural structure of the Priorat demands an effort that is difficult to avoid. Knowing from the outset the difficulties that the landscape imposes on modern viticulture, there was only one option: to ally ourselves with conviction with the same natural strategy. To this end, from day one we have adopted and improved the following processes: Maximum use of water; Composting and use of waste; Solar energy for self-consumption; Sustainability of agricultural production.




Tinto Garnacha



Denominación de Origen Calificada PRIORAT

The vineyard sits on slate soils called llicorelles. It is a mountainous area with steep slopes, so the vines are grown on terraces. Its climate is temperate and dry, with marked temperature oscillations between day and night.
This appellation is dominated by red wine made from cariñena grapes, which are the key to its current wines. Red Grenache is also used, and to a lesser extent, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah grapes. It produces wine of garnet color, with a very intense aroma, high alcohol content and dense, rich, fleshy, full-bodied flavor. The white wine produced uses white grenache, macabeo and pedro ximenez.
It is an area of volcanic origin, composed of reddish and black slate with small particles of mica. The climate is continental with long, hot and dry summers. The temperature, however, can reach sub-zero in winter. Very marked contrasts are present between the valleys and the highlands where both cold winds from the north and the Mistral, a warm wind blowing from the east, can blow. The vineyards are located at altitudes ranging from 100 m to 700 m and the average annual temperature is 15°C. Rainfall varies between 400 mm and 600 mm.

About Cartoixa de Montsalvat

“Rich, elegant and distinguished wines, with a unique personality inherited from the terroir where they are made”

— Ilze Zigele



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